Featured Maker = Lulu Samuel

Lulu Samuel ~ Location: Katoomba, Blue Mountains

Lulu is the first featured maker for Wild Mountain Child. She was such a positive and encouraging energy when I told her about the idea for the shop that it only seemed fitting to open with her work.

And who can resist pom poms. So many pom poms! There is a pom pom on everything Lulu makes!

Lulu creates from her home studio in Katoomba, her work is intensely colourful and playful. At present she is selling a selection of knitted wall hangings, painted stick hangings and has designed and hand embellished a range of children’s shoes exclusively for Wild Mountain Child.

Hello my name is Lulu and I am a mama, creative, herbalist and art therapist ~ I have lived in Europe for most of my life and I am hugely inspired by different cultures, tribes and nomads. I am particularly drawn to the different use of colour, fabric and pattern in which certain cultures and tribes adorn themselves. All of my pieces are handmade and one off, each with their own unique touch of love!


Email: lulumaysamuel@gmail.com
Shop all of Lulu’s creations


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